Success Stories

Health Industry Organizational Design Project

A 50+ year-old regional hospital hires Hand & Associates OD expert services in 2011 and consequently achieves a 58% capacity increase, substantial cost reductions and $26 million increase in revenues. Background In the early 1950s, people of a mid-sized town in...

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Team Building in a Medical Environment

Effective teams are essential in healthcare. Without it, patient care is compromised and hospital accreditation is threatened. In 2010, Hand & Associates was asked to work with a community hospital’s ICU unit to build the unit into a working team around a common goal: Beacon Status …

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Implementing a Change Management Program

A major economic force, Company Y supports more than 316,000 jobs throughout Southern CA and 1.4 million through the US.

In 2006, Company Y developed an Information Management Business Plan (IMBP). The IMBP set out a roadmap for new and improved information management systems that will support the goals set out in Company Y’s Strategic Plan …

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Hospital Team: Discussing the Undiscussable

Productivity is the clarion call of most organizations, and healthcare is no exception. When productivity is low or inconsistent, typically the tendency is to focus on the people, not the problem and search fervently for whom to blame. What is most often not seen or valued are the conversations that were not held, or not held well, that led to this lack of productivity. The team, in this case study, was no exception …

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Cultural Transformation

One of the leading manufacturers of instrument systems, chemistry and supplies reached out after recognizing the need for a comprehensive training and development initiative. The would be designed as a cultural transformation to revitalize Quality Improvement, FDA Regulatory Compliance, and System Reliability …

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Hospitals: Bridging a Common Communication Gap

Communication issues are at the heart of many leadership challenges. In the case of health care organizations, communication can be a life and death issue. Early in 2010, Hand & Associates worked with a multi-location hospital corporate client to take on their communication challenges with measurably positive results…

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Energy: Modernizing the Corporate Culture from Traditional to Sustainable

Company X had been operating for many years in pseudo-monopoly status; eventually three major competitors entered the market. Rapidly changing energy, economic, and competitive environment had placed Company X’s ability to meet its business objectives at risk as it moved into a new era of clean, renewable, and sustainable energy sourcing…

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