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We help executives & organizations maximize their potential.
Hand & Associates is an internationally recognized management consulting firm that focuses on executive performance and leadership. For a quarter century, we have enhanced the performance of Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, celebrities, and politicians through flexible, unique, and proven strategies.

Primary service areas:

Executive Coaching
Executive Search
Executive Transition
Organizational Design

Proven Strategies

We focus on individual executives as well as structural issues within an organization. Through unique programs and proprietary processes, we can address a leader’s needs and help him or her ascend to the next level of achievement. Our proven strategies deliver solutions for everything from executives who need training in a succession plan to departing executives who need transition coaching, searches for C-level leaders, and organizational development.

Additionally, we are a responsive organization with consultants across the U.S. and in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. As a result, we are highly efficient and flexible, and we can tailor each project to a client’s specific needs.

The Right Size

We are a nimble organization with a global reach. As a result, we are extraordinarily efficient and we tailor each project to the client’s specific needs.


Industry Pioneers

In 1991, Kevin Hand founded Hand & Associates, at a time when “Executive Coaching” was relatively unknown and not yet a globally ubiquitous business concept. Kevin began his career in telecommunications and technology, and was recruited by a management consulting firm in Chicago in the 1980s. A visionary in his field, Kevin saw that C-level executives could become even more productive and successful by adjusting certain elements of behavior, strategy, and perspective. With this in mind, he started Hand & Associates with 26 credit cards and an unrelenting commitment to performance and client service. In its early years, Hand & Associates quickly became recognized as specialists for West Coast businesses, particularly in entertainment and aerospace. Kevin and his team realized that large HR consulting firms were not fully customer-focused, providing one-on-one attention, or designing personalized and relevant executive development plans. By addressing these needs, Hand & Associates delivered critical value that helped companies and executives thrive through both boom and bust market conditions.

Global Reach

Since its inception over 25 years ago, Hand & Associates has grown into a global transformational leader in HR consulting with proven success in an expansive range of industries.


Hand & Associate’s experience includes successful programs for clients in medical, biotech, oil and gas, entertainment, media, insurance, retail, higher education, manufacturing, and many other industries across the globe. To see more, please review our Client List.

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