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Our Approach

For over 25 years, we have provided individually customized Executive Coaching. We tap into unique strengths, disciplines, personality traits, and success motivators, rather than prescribing general coaching precepts. No one possesses a cure-all solution to create effective executive leaders. But, there are specific insights, tools, and benchmarks that can harness demonstrated talent and ability. That’s why we get to know executives in-depth before embarking on any programs. Through a deep dive to truly understand an individual’s behaviors, attitudes, and background factors, we gain insights that lead to a comprehensive profile. We then compare that profile with those of successful executives across the country who are in similar roles.

Our Program

Our program helps executives gain more self-awareness, reduce stress factors that can undermine performance and morale, and increase personal as well as team productivity. We also consider the organization’s requirements, to ensure overall effectiveness across a broader business perspective. The outcome of this process? Executive coaching strategies that are tailored to specific strengths and weaknesses, so that leaders can be prepared for the challenges of a constantly evolving business world.

The philosophy that governs our Executive Coaching Services targets the pragmatic issues that confront executives in their daily interpersonal lives as well as decision making business roles.

Elements of Hand & Associates Executive Coaching

Behavioral Coaching

Work with positive and negative attributes to optimize behavioral, interpersonal, and relational skills

Performance (Functional Coaching)

Identify and enhance performance competencies and personal strengths to improve people management, mentoring, time management, delegation, decision-making, and team development skills.

Developmental Coaching

Take an executive to the “next level” by aligning personal presence and interpersonal skills with business goals.

Business Culture

Enable executives to be effective

Coaching is an Investment to your Future.

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