Executive Search

The costs of finding and ramping up new executives can be significant. We have a better way.

strategic & precise

The intangible non-economic costs of securing, training, and ramping-up new executives can have far greater economic effects on an organization than the upfront monetary cost of a search. Disruption of organizational dynamics, absence of decision-making and planning, workflow interruptions – these and myriad other factors can destroy productivity and morale.

But there are solutions.

Blueprint for a Better Process: Search for Success®

An improved search process is essential for hiring and onboarding executives. With our unique Search for Success® process, we begin by developing a thorough assessment of an organization. Through a series of interviews, surveys, and analyses, we develop an organizational and cultural blueprint that helps match institutional knowledge and requirements to the skills and experiences of potential candidates. For example, one of the many goals of the process is to understand how a new executive will fit into the overall organization and culture, beyond his or her specific role.

Through the process, we also identify the crucial components of the position. This includes assessments of:

  • Operational and political support for the position
  • Elements that can derail a candidate from rapid assimilation into the organization
  • Obstacles that can prevent a candidate from providing leadership and addressing immediate concerns
  • Expectations from the candidate’s supervisors, clients, and other stakeholders
  • Organizational culture and potential for the candidate to be a change agent

With Search for Success®, our team ensures that the best-equipped individuals step into the right roles for an organization’s ongoing success.

The Right Size

We are a nimble organization with a global reach. As a result, we are extraordinarily efficient and we tailor each project to the client’s specific needs

Acquiring High-Impact Players is an Art.

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