A major economic force, Company Y supports more than 316,000 jobs throughout Southern CA and 1.4 million throughout the US.
In 2006, Company Y developed an Information Management Business Plan (IMBP). The IMBP set out a roadmap for new and improved information management systems that would support the goals set out in Company Y’s Strategic Plan.  The plan detailed 28 projects to be completed in a 5-year time frame at a cost of $26.21 million.  In March 2007, the company commenced the implementation of the IMBP which would be completed in three phrases.


The need for a new and improved information management system that would support the company’s strategic goals by analyzing several key processes in order to determine how information technology can be used to minimize costs, reduce waste, and improved customer experience.

The Solution

Our coaches provided on-site services relating to change management and education as part of the IMBP initiative. We assessed readiness for change, aligned change management methodologies with a project management approach, and created and implemented communication and training plans. Comprehensive communication, recognition, and training programs were developed and implemented. Formal staff development program included structural, motivational and educational elements such as mentoring, formal training, a competency development framework, certification in ITILv3 at the Foundation Level, bi-weekly staff development knowledge sharing exercises, and an annual off-site meeting.

The Results

We successfully implemented a change management program to ensure a higher probability that the company-wide IT transformation would be successful and sustained.