Organizational Design

Don’t let organizational problems hinder your performance.


Not Merely A Band-Aid

Organizational issues – from difficult individuals to structural inefficiencies – can wreak havoc on performance, growth, and morale. This applies not only to specific business units or departments, but to entire companies as well.

Our Organization Design services leverage diagnostics and insights to address difficult situations. We first explore a problem’s symptoms. Then, we identify root causes and develop comprehensive, systemic recommendations that lead to long lasting solutions and growth. Instead of Band-Aids that simply produce short-term fixes for singular problems, we cultivate foundational change that can yield long-term performance improvement across an organization.

J. Kevin Hand, President & CEO


For a quarter century, we have enhanced the performance of Fortune 500 companies through flexible, unique, and proven strategies.

Leadership Solutions

“Levers of Change”

Leaders in organizations of all sizes, and across industries, must address barriers to optimize costs, quality, and speed of response. Considering these factors, our Leadership Solutions Model meets the needs of organizations at every stage of development, from start-ups to mature companies and those in decline.

Our detailed Diagnostic Process identifies a leaderships team’s strengths and weaknesses, as determined by the changing requirements of evolving strategy and organizational design. We then provide guidance on how to optimize executive performance. This process focuses on our proprietary “Levers of Change” framework, which addresses:

  • Business structure
  • Communications systems
  • Control & rewards systems
  • Culture & values
  • Information technology
  • Selection & career transition issues

How executives manage these “Levers of Change” can govern the potential success of an organization.

Blending Process with Creativity.

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